This page is for those who have enrolled in Eckankar's Spiritual Living Courses.

All are welcome to explore the benefits of the ECK courses and initiation here.

The password for all items below is the last word (all in lowercase)

of the title of Sri Harold's front page article in the March 2024 Mystic World.


Local Events

Click here for a list of ECKANKAR in Hawaii Events for members and the Hawaii RESA Services Directory.

Online Alerts

If you would like to receive RESA or Hawaii Satsang Society ECK leader communication (eg online alerts on events and classes or special messages and announcements), please check the Y(es) box in item #3 of the release form and mail it via US Postal Service to the Honolulu Eckankar Center.You do not need to check any of the boxes for items 1 or 2 add your phone number or mailing address if you prefer not to.


Would you like to donate to the Mission of ECK in Hawaii? There are two different funds:


1) Statewide Mission Fund (general fund) donations may cover any expenses the Hawaii Satsang Society has including for Vahana efforts, ECK facilities, etc. Donations to benefit a local area are normally used in that area, but the Board of Trustees reserves the right to reallocate as needed to fulfill the mission of ECK in Hawaii. 


2) Building Fund donations will only be used for the acquisition and functioning of ECK facilities of all kinds, including ECK reading rooms, ECK centers, and ECK temples.  Donations may be used, for example, to buy real property, construct new buildings, lease, renovate, and otherwise maintain ECK facilities.


To make a donation, please click on the link below.





Once in the donation site, you can make a one-time or recurring donation. You can also use the drop-down box to designate a local area or the building fund for your donation. If you don't make a designation, your donation will be made to the Mission Fund. If you have any questions, please send your queries to



Thank you for supporting ECKANKAR in Hawaii!